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Feb 26 - Mar 1, 2024 



Retina & Eye stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of ophthalmology, bringing together leading experts, researchers, and healthcare professionals from around the world. This prestigious conference provides a unique platform for knowledge exchange, innovative ideas, and discussions on the latest breakthroughs in diagnosing and treating retinal diseases and eye disorders.



By joining Retina & Eye 2024, you gain access to a diverse program featuring thought-provoking lectures, interactive workshops, and engaging discussions led by esteemed faculty members. This event offers a comprehensive educational experience, equipping attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide exceptional patient care.

Moreover, Retina & Eye 2024 provides invaluable networking opportunities, enabling you to connect with key opinion leaders, industry influencers, and fellow experts. These interactions facilitate the exchange of ideas, the formation of collaborations, and the cultivation of lasting professional relationships

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Retina & Eye 2024 boasts a distinguished faculty comprising leading experts and thought leaders in ophthalmology. Their exceptional knowledge and groundbreaking research make this event an invaluable platform for staying updated with cutting-edge techniques and innovations, ensuring its worthiness as a premier Continuing Medical Education (CME) opportunity. Join us to learn from the best and shape the future of eye care.

Photographs of course directors and previous speakers are featured. The lineup for 2024 has not yet been disclosed.


Attendees Seeking CME Credits 

If you are a healthcare professional seeking valuable Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, Retina & Eye 2024 is your gateway to staying updated with cutting-edge techniques, enhancing your expertise, and engaging in interdisciplinary collaborations. Our event offers a diverse program featuring thought-provoking lectures, interactive workshops, and engaging discussions led by esteemed faculty members.

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For Sponsors

As a sponsor, your support plays a pivotal role in advancing the field of ophthalmology. It positions your organization as a key partner of Retina & Eye 2024 and offers unique opportunities for thought leadership, brand visibility, and networking. Explore our sponsorship packages to discover how you can contribute to the future of eye care and gain exposure among a highly targeted and influential audience.

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We invite you to explore our sponsorship packages, register for CME, and learn more about the exceptional venue where this transformative event will take place. Retina & Eye 2024 is a platform for innovation, networking, and progress in the field of ophthalmology, and we look forward to your participation and your valuable contribution to shaping the future of eye care.

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