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Dr. Daniela Ferrera: A Visionary in Retinal Research and Care at Vail Retina and Eye CME

We are honored to feature Dr. Daniela Ferrera, a prominent figure in ophthalmology whose expertise blends South American roots with global advancements in eye care. Her participation in the retina portion of our event underscores her extensive contributions to the field.

An Illustrious Educational Journey: Dr. Ferrera's medical odyssey began at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her foundational work in macromolecular metabolism research and studies in electrophysiology of chromatic vision during her Master's Degree, followed by a PhD in Visual Sciences focusing on multimodal imaging in retinal dystrophy, exhibit her lifelong commitment to ophthalmological innovation.

Global Influence and Accomplishments: In 2006, Dr. Ferrera moved to the United States, embarking on a research fellowship in Medical Retina at the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital, affiliated with New York University. Her expertise in multimodal imaging for clinical trials on retinal diseases has significantly shaped the field. At Tufts University School of Medicine, she continues to pioneer advancements, particularly in her collaboration with MIT's innovative Research Laboratory of Electronics.

A Pioneer in Retinal Care and Research: Dr. Ferrera's career is a testament to her dedication to both foundational research and clinical practice in ophthalmology. Her work in the retina field makes her a vital figure in the global ophthalmology community and a guiding force in retinal care research.

Join Us for Dr. Ferrera's Sessions at the Retina Segment: Dr. Ferrera's sessions during the retina portion of the Vail Retina and Eye CME will provide invaluable insights, merging the latest research with practical clinical applications. Her presence promises to enhance the learning experience for all attendees, especially those focused on retinal care.

Dr. Daniela Ferrera's participation in the retina segment of our CME event is an opportunity not to be missed. Her unique perspective and contributions to retinal care and research make her sessions a must-attend for anyone looking to deepen their understanding in this specialized area.

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