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New Horizons: Retina & Eye CME Conference Moves to Vail in 2024!

Greetings to all our esteemed participants and supporters! After thirteen remarkable years of hosting our annual Retina & Eye CME Conference in Snowmass, CO, we are thrilled to announce a new chapter in our journey. In 2024, our esteemed conference is moving to the beautiful and vibrant Vail, CO. Mark your calendars for February 26th to March 1st, 2024, and get ready for an enriching and memorable experience!

A Fond Farewell to Snowmass: For over a decade, Snowmass has been our home, a place where knowledge, expertise, and community have flourished. We've shared countless memories, learned from the best in the field, and grown together. As we bid farewell to Snowmass, we carry forward the spirit of innovation and camaraderie that has always been the hallmark of our gatherings.

Embracing Vail, CO: The decision to move to Vail was driven primarily by logistics, particularly ease of access from the airport, making it more convenient for our attendees. Vail's picturesque landscape, world-class facilities, and a vibrant community present the perfect backdrop for our next phase. This change is more than a new location; it's a new opportunity to enhance our conference experience.

Conference Schedule Sneak Peek: The 2024 conference promises an engaging and comprehensive program. We kick off with the Anterior segment on Monday and Tuesday, followed by an in-depth Retina segment from Wednesday to Friday. Prepare to immerse yourself in cutting-edge research, engaging discussions, and interactive sessions led by renowned experts.

Travel Made Easy: Navigating to Vail will be a breeze. We’ll provide detailed information on transportation options from the airport to Vail, ensuring a smooth journey for all attendees. We are also partnering with local hotels to offer you comfortable accommodations at special rates. Stay tuned for more details!

Join Us in Vail: We cordially invite you to be a part of this exciting new chapter. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or are joining us for the first time, your presence is what makes this conference special. Register early, and be part of a vibrant community of professionals dedicated to the advancement of retina and eye care.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, network, and enjoy the beautiful setting of Vail, CO. Your participation and feedback have always been the driving force behind our continuous improvement. We eagerly await your arrival at the 2024 Retina & Eye CME Conference and look forward to making more memories together.

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